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In this section we've included some actual wedding elements from various weddings that we have done over the years. Now you can use them by adding in the names of the bride and groom when done.

Open your word program and have it ready. As you go thru the pages below simply highlight the element you want and select copy. Then move to your word program and select paste to drop that element into the document.
We suggest you use one page for each link and then print it out when done before moving on to the next page.Be sure to save your work. This way you can put it in the order that works best.

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| Words of Encouragement | Charge to Couple | Intention of Marriage |
| Who gives this couple | Opening Prayer |
| Promises | Vows | Rings | Blessing | Pronouncement

Nice Extras and Addons
that you can add
| Unity Candle | Blessing of the hands | Sand Ceremony | Readings |

NEED SOME IDEAS? Look at samples in word format

Doing a halloween theme or a Renisance Fair Theme
Want to do a Commitment Ceremony or Handfasting look here.
Now you can build your own Perfect set of vows with ease and it's all for free.

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