Frequently Asked Questions
about our Wedding Packages

What faith do you belong to? 
Rev. Hansen: has a (pentacostal) Baptist, and Assembly of God background
Who ordained you? (what church)
Assembly of God King City, California (1979) Full License Status
How did you come to be a minister?
This is explained in detail on our site in the Pastors section
Are you a practicing "preacher" or "freelance minister"?
I have done my fair share of pulpit preaching with the military and civilian world both.
I started as a youth pastor in Vacaville Ca. and advanced to Assistant Pastor while stationed at Fort Ord Calif.
> Became the Mens Group Pastor officiating weddings and funerals alike while in the military. 
Today I am a freelance minister available upon request for all clergical duties.
Do you have a church we can use?
Sorry to say, no we do not.  We highly recommend the following rentable churches
Henry Ford's Museum, the Troy Historical Museum, or other local sites such as these.
What do you offer?
Pre-wedding support by email and phone, free vow creation, rehearsal planning.
What is unique about your services?
Custom ceremonies made and taylored strickly to you, and your needs the way you want them.
What is your fee?
With in Oakland County, we charge a flat rate fee of $200, which includes our retainer fee 
Outside of the County area we charge $250 plus travel exp to cover fuel cost.
If you wish to have a rehersal, it's an additional $50.
How do you create the wedding vows?
When I meet with the couples, we go over the vows. Your likes, dislikes, wants and extras that you may want to include. 
We discuss religious verses non-religious vows, readings, and various elements they may want in the service
to make it more personal to them. With that information, I can put together the service from a variety of templates
I use in my office.  This creates a rough draft of the service.  Each service is  individually made, no two services are
alike though they may contain like items in them.  
Couples receives a copy of the rough draft of the vows sent to them via email prior to the wedding date for review. 
The couples are always encouraged to read through them, and make any changes and modifications they feel
they would like. Once they have them the way THEY want them, they are then sent back to me for final creation
and used for the service. 
What is not included?
Wedding cordination, such as you would get from a full time personal wedding cordinator.
Do you have references?
Yes, we have a page on site that has comments from our couples who've used our service.
Do you give a receipt with your contract?
Couples will get a copy of all paperwork we use
Are you registered with the state or county?
Michigan Law does not require ministers to "register".
Do you require pre marriage counseling?
Only if requested by our couples. 
If so explain the details and manuals used.
We use a PDF file that was given to us to help couple know one another beter. Based on the Marriage Enhancement Courses.
But this is not a requirement for weddings with White Lake Weddings.
If you are renting a formal church they often will require the couples to become full members to include baptisms and go through thier course provide by that church.
How accessible/responsive are you by phone and email?
Rev. Hansen is available 24 hrs, via phone - if I am not at my desk, my wife will be happy to answer any questions
or you may leave me a message to call you back that night.  Call backs are generally made at 8pm.
Emails, are checked several times a day, and are always replied to as time permits.
How much say so do we have in the wedding script?
You have 100% creation rights over the vows, from start to finish. 
We build them to suit you and your needs.
Are you script-based or do you have the script memorized?
As many weddings we do in an average year, you'd think I'd memorize them but I'm not an actor I'm a minister..
I preffer reading them from a script.  This not only ensures you get what you want, but it also allows our couples
a means to read their lines should they become nervous and forget them.
Do you do rehearsals?
Rehearsals are a matter of finance, we encourage you to have one prior so everyone knows what to expect where when and how. 
It allows for those last second changes to be made in the vows and service as well.
Our fee for any rehersal is $50.

So to be sure, What is the total Cost again?
With in Oakland County $200 + $50 for any rehersals
Outside of the County $250 + $50 for rehersal + Travel Exp.