“Hi there everyone.
If you're asking yourself if anyone would recommend Pastors Hansen, and Pastor Cryderman the answer to that question is yes. I and my husband both would recommend them very strongly. They were very professional and at the same time made us feel less nervous about getting married.

When we met them for the first time, we were made to feel right at ease. They encouraged us to ask questions, and offered to help us write our own vows which is what we both wanted but had no idea where to start. By the end of our first meeting, Pastor Hansen had enough information to give us a rough outline of our vows that night. It was fantastic!

On the day of our wedding, we both were very nervous (as you could just imagine). We had a simple wedding here at our home. Pastor Hansen was our minister of choice to do our service. He was great. I would definately recommend him to anyone. What we wanted the most for our wedding was to honor our guests and to celebrate our love. The planning and effort he put into it was phenomenal! Each and every one of our guest felt special! What we didn't realize was how special and honored and in love we would feel ourselves. It was perfect."

Well, we're home, and finally had a chance to visit the new site. Looks great by the way. I know many will find this one easier to work with. I wanted to share with your visitors a few things we never told you when we met that first night if you don't mind. Feel free to use this letter if you wish also.

When we were looking for places to hold our service, we found Rev. Hansen's website on line. One of the first things that caught our eye was his claim to be one of the "cheapest" in the area. Trust me, when I say that, that's no joke! He IS one of the cheapest, if not THE CHEAPEST! The thing that had us both worried, was the old line, "you get what you pay for". So we agreed to meet with him just to get a feel for his way of doing buissness.

We met at Ram's Horn, in Waterford. He told us he'd be the only one in a collar so it would be easy to find him. And sure enough, he was! As we sat down, it was like sitting down with an old friend, warm and friendly the fear, and anxieties left immediately. As he explained alittle about himself, and how he became a minister I knew that he was real. I listened as he shared with us his walk to recovery - being a member of A.A. myself, it was refreshing to hear how God did for him what he could not do for himself. Bob, was very up front, and honest when it came to answering any questions we tossed at him. From religious views, to cost, he told us straight. That in itself told us both that he was the one for us.

You see we'd called several others in the area, and all of them gave us a song and dance saying that the price varies. No so with Bob, he's got a flat rate, which included the retainer fee. There were no bait and switch games like we'd had with others. All he asked is that we furnish the place, and he'd furnish the vows. True to his word, he emailed us the vows with in 48 hrs, and we did a few changes expecting him to object. We were shocked when our changes were used for our wedding. My parents were in tears as Bob read the Blessing of the Hands for us. I found out later that my own parents had that at their wedding 50 yrs ago, and it reminded them of their wedding.

So you see folks, this is the type of person you are getting. A down to earth, real person. Who loves what he does, and is willing to do what you want or as he says it.. "I work for you, you're my boss". Bob, thanks again for a service we'll always cherrish.
Your friends B & S