Dear Reverend Hansen,
I hope this note finds you well.

I am the publishing director for a publisher located in New England, we publish books, calendars, and greeting cards and distribute them all over the world.  I came upon your name in a forum on wedding vows on, and followed the link to your Web site.

I am writing to inquire of it might be possible for you to supply my company with some content for a wedding vows book that we are working on. The book, titled Vows & Toasts, is scheduled for a Fall 2006 publication date.  You seem to have an extraordinary knowledge of the subject matter and Id like to pay you to include some of that knowledge in our book.

Following is a short synopsis of the book, and you can visit our Web site ( to see the range of our publishing endeavor.

Vows & Toasts will provide inspiration for the most important words spoken at a wedding ceremony and reception. Part 1, Vows, will guide the bride and groom to select or write the perfect _expression of intention and promise. Part 2, Toasts, will help anyone find the right words to honor the newlywed couple and those in the wedding party and family.

 The text of Vows & Toasts will require a mixture of research and writing. The book will include samples of traditional vows from many faiths, as well as vows to fit the modern world, such as ones to include stepchildren or ones between people of different faiths. It will also provide examples of range of toasts: eloquent, funny, heartfelt. Besides providing texts anyone can use, the book will offer writing advice.

I look forward to hearing of your interest.

Best wishes,
Robin Haywood
Publishing Director
Ronnie Sellers Productions, Inc.
81 W. Commercial St.
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 772-6833
(207) 772-1225 fax