Hiding Spots & Dressing Rooms
When selecting your wedding site you need to use some common sence and think about your guests, as well as yourselves.  For the Bride, and her party, they will need a "hiding spot" prior to the wedding start time.  If you are doing an outside wedding this can be a major challenge.  Many sites don't have very many places available to dress in, or hideout in prior to the wedding.  All too often the bride, is sitting in a hot stuffy van in a parking lot someplace.  The draw back to this, is the potential to snag your dress, or get dirt and grease on it from the door jams as you climb out.

Access for the Physically Challenged
When looking for indoor or outdoor areas, think about those who are physically challenged.  Do they have access to reach your location safely.  A word of advice - cobblestones, tan bark, or other rough surfaces will beat a person to death if they are in a wheelchair.  These types of walk ways are also very difficult to manage if they are using a walker or some other assistive device.  The other thing you need to focus on is the Restrooms.. are they accessable to the chair and do they have enough room to use it safely.
Take a tape measure with you and check the width of the doors. They should be no less than 30 inches to accomidate the average size chair. If your site has stairs, be sure to inquire about handicap access ramps, and or elevators for those who can not navigate the stairs safely.

Can your guests hear you
It has been my experience also with couples that want to use an outside gazebo type area that those who are watching can't hear what's going on.  So to eliminate this problem.  I suggest renting a P.A. system, or find a kereokee machine for the day.  Radio Shack has wireless Microphones that will work with these systems for under a hundred dollars.

If you should choose the later, most can be used on battery power - generally 8 - 16 batteries depending on machine used.  But just in case, always look for a power source near your venue spot and bring your own extention cords to supply power to your equipment.  To save you some money, check your local pawn shops, as these items are often sold there.

Always have a back up plan
Don't neglect "The What If Factor".  Be prepaired to move at a moments notice to a secondary location close by just in case of foul weather.  Many couples will rent a cannopy tent for outdoor receptions and wedding ceremonies.  These work real well as they come with snap on sides that can be rolled down in a flash if need be. 
  Most major rental stores, or party rentals have access to these types of tents, and will for a fee put them up, and take them down for you upon request.  To locate a vendor near you, I suggest you click here  Partypop has one of the largest vendor databases on line.  You may be able to find a party rental or equipment rental place that can help you in your local phone book so be sure to look there first.

Getting the best for less
When thinking of locations, call around to various photographers in your area.  Simply ask them where they go to take pictures of brides and grooms in your area.  Most Photo shops will gladly tell you what areas they use and like the best.  Armed with this list, you can now go out and see what works best for you and your budget.

Another one of the those least thought about items is the parking issue.  If you have 200 plus guests coming to your reception, and or wedding be sure they have someplace to park.  Make a note of the total amount of Handicap spaces, and access points and let those who need them know where they are before hand. If you are using a valet service, let the parking staff know what veh's need these spaces so they can reserve them for you and your guests.