Pastor Hansen and wife SandiPastor Hansen, and wife Sandi

The Lord has given me so much to be thankful for. As a small child I knew in my heart that I would be in the ministry at some point in my life. Always denying it and running from it, God kept pushing me closer and closer with each subsequent year. As a child I was raised in the Baptist church. I had attended many bible-based churches in Calif. as well as some non-traditional ones. While in High School and in the Military, I found that God was the same then as he is now. Always forgiving and always there when I needed a friend. By all rights I should have died on more than one occasion while serving in the U.S. Army. Where I learned what serving the Lord our God really ment. I became the youth pastor, and worked my way to Assistant Pastor only to be given the given the keys to the church and title of Senior Pastor.

At first the congregation was small, but over the next 2 yrs it doubled through the efforts of our great pastorial team and our motivated youth pastors both. I loved being a pulpit pastor, but I hated the role of the Senior Pastor. If I only knew then, what that job was all about I would not have taken it on. But the Lord had other plans, Ministry was only the beginning. My true calling was reaching those who suffered, My mission was to carry the torch of hope to others. Working closely with recovery fellowships I found where I was needed the most and have been doing it ever since.

Currently I reside in Michigan with my wife Sandi. Together we make one heck of a team teaching the gospel to those in our area and on line through our recovery website. The fact that God saved me from a life as an alcoholic is a true testimony of God's love for us here on earth. He's brought me far closer to the words "real ministery" than I would have ever expected to be. Today, I know that this journey has only begun. Today, I look forward to serving Him in any way I can. And giving back what was so freely given to me so many years ago.

My Pastorial Education and life experience have given me a wide selection of sermon's to pull from on a daily basis. I'm a firm believer that one must demonstrate the word in a down to earth easy to understand approach for any congregation be it young or old or one on one.

I can be Full of enthusiasm at times or so it has been said but it's obvious that this minister is spirit driven, and blessed by the Lord our God. When he is behind the pulpit or reaching out to help others.

Pastor Hansen is always available and loves to touch those around him spiritually. He often shares the word with those he meets on the streets in the Oakland County area.  Where it's not at all uncommon to hear him offering prayer to someone.  As he puts it, prayer is the one thing we have to keep Satan out of our midst. For what we bind here on earth, so to shall it be bound in heaven. The power of prayer is demonstrated each and every day in the lives of those he touches.

Many here on line know Pastor Hansen from the various wedding boards that he works with in the past.  Always there to lend a hand to those who need help, and guidance.  Rev. Hansen, is definately someone you can come to with a question about wedding vows, and he'll be more than happy to help you out. When asked which Wedding Board he likes the best he always smiles and says "Why Wedding Solutions of course."