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Well Groomed
Traditionally, both the bride and groom select the formalwear worn by the groom and his attendants. Visit your formalwear specialist as soon as you have chosen your bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses. You should make your final formalwear selection at least six to eight weeks before the wedding.

Depending on your wedding formality, you might select tuxedos for your fiancee, groomsmen, ushers, ring bearer, fathers and grandfathers. Carefully plan what each will wear by first browsing through bridal magazines to get an idea of the wide variety of styles available. When you find a style you like, bring the advertisement with you when you visit the formalwear shops. Also bring a swatch of the bridesmaids gowns to aid in coordinating colors.

Again, the formality and time of your wedding ceremony will influence your selection of formalwear. For example, at a traditional formal, daytime wedding, groomsmen may wear a dark gray cutaway coat with striped trousers, white wing-collared shirt, contrasting gray vest and striped ascot. A formal evening wedding calls for black tails and matching trousers worn with a white shirt, vest and tie. A semiformal, daytime or evening wedding may include the same basic styles, using short coats instead of a cutaway or tailcoat. A variety of contemporary styles are also available if you prefer current fashion trends and don't feel bound by tradition. Discuss your bridal fashions and wedding plans with your formalwear consultant. Deal only with a knowledgeable formalwear expert.

A formalwear specialist will have a wide selection of accessories that can be used to make subtle distinctions between members of the wedding party. Usually the fathers of the bride and groom wear tuxedos similar to those of the groomsmen. Your father should wear a tuxedo if he is giving you away. Your fiancees father should also be formally attired if he will stand in the receiving line or appear in the formal wedding pictures. The ring bearer's attire should match the groomsmen or the groom. The groomsmen's ties and cummerbunds are often selected to match the color of the gowns worn by the maid of honor or bridesmaid to whom they have been paired. Let your formalwear consultant help you to achieve a coordinated look.

Ask your fiancee to try on several styles. Take time to select a tuxedo that best compliments your wedding style as well as his hair color, skin tone and physique.

To avoid confusion, all of the formalwear should be rented from the same store. Formalwear stores have "fitting" forms, which indicate the measurements needed to properly fit each tuxedo. These forms should be sent to out-of-town male attendants so that they can, in turn, go to any formalwear shop and be measured. The completed form is then mailed back to the formalwear store where the tuxedos will be rented. The completed forms must be returned at least three weeks before the wedding.

Choose a store that is equipped to make last-minute alterations and changes. Ask each person to pick up his own tuxedo so he can try it on at the store. This fitting will permit final adjustments, assure correct fit and check for missing or incorrect items. Also select a formalwear store with hours that are convenient for your working attendants.

Current formalwear styles are attractive and comfortable. Choose a formalwear specialist that is knowledgeable, and provides attention and service to the groom and other men's requirements. After all, it's his wedding too!

Submitted by Sharon Sack, EventBlvd.com

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