This wedding was a special wedding done with a halloween theme in mind.
The couple wanted to use the Bride of Frankinstine format, in full costume
You may see some squares, in place of aposterphies,
 this is caused by coping and pasting from a word
document and converting it to HTML for the web. 




Carla Grist




Anthony Mollon


Wedding Date:October 27, 2007

 Time of Service:  5 P. M.  



Location: Canterbury Village  

                  2369 Joslyn Ct.
                       Lake Orion, MI 48360


Officiated by:  White Lake Weddings

Vows Written by: Rev. Hansen




Bridal party enters, Bride enters and joins Groom

Please be seated ~~ thank you


I want to welcome the friends and family of our young couple this hollowed and scary eve.  I'm sure both Carla, and Anthony thank you for being here on this important day to celebrate their union of marriage with them.  Let us invite all the creatures of the night to step forth and join us this evening.   Please be not alarmed if you should hear chains rattling or a sudden thump here and there for after all this is the week of the harvest festival where all of creatures of the night become restless.


Frankie, youíve come along way since your creation in the laboratory.  Youíve scared the hearts out of  many villagers, and have wandered the world seeking your bride to be who now stands beside you.  I challenge you sir, to love this woman with all you have, from this day forward, learn from this woman how to truly love her, and others.  For after today, you can no longer pillage, and bring fear to the hearts of any small child. 


As the Bride of Frankenstein, you are here by challenged to put a spark in this relationship from time to time.  And to take control of the monster which live deep with in this young man. For only you know how to tame this beast who stands here with you.


You both must be filled with love and passion for if your marriage is to successful, you both will need strength, courage and love.  Let your marriage be a time of waking each and every morning and falling in love with each other over and over again.


It is our prayer that you both be filled with love, and strength that you may face the tomorrows to come with courage, and hope.  May your future always be bright, may the candles of love continue to burn forever in your hearts for one another.



Blessing of the hands:

Will you both face each other now, and hold hands.


Frankie, these are the hands of your true love,

They are a little pale from death but full of love for you.

Through your love, her color will once again return. 

And should you ever stop loving her,

she shall surely wither and grow old with decay.


And you my Dear Bride, these are the hands of your true love

Though they may not match, and they may have a few scares from the surgeries

 they are the hands that will always reach out for yours when you need a hug. 

They are the hands of  love that will get you through the rough times,

and hold you in the bad times.  These are the hands that will repair your castle

when things are broken.  Yes,  These are the hands of love  A love that only your monster can share with you.  May you both always love the touch from these hands


If  a marriage is to be successful, you must each be loyal to one another stand firm in  defense of the other and be supportive of one anotherís life goals and dreams. Marriage is a solemn, binding commitment of your hearts and souls - what little there may be for the two of you thatís left that is.  But the one thing that will keep you both alive and strong is your love.   A good marriage takes special people who can learn to celebrate the differences we share with one another in this world Ė Special people like the two of you. For who could ever marry a monster but a dead woman, and who could ever marry a corpse but a monster. 


That being said, Are you both ready to accept this challenge together?  WE ARE


Who now stands with this woman, to show their love and support to this marriage?


 And Who stands with this monster to show their love and support as well?


And to all the hobgoblins and gools in this room do you also show your support to this couple this evening? 




Anthony aka Frankie, do you take Carla, the bride of Frankenstein to be your wife

To live together in marriage, do you promise to love her comfort her, honor and keep her for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health and forsake all others.  Will you be faithful only unto her so long as you both shall live?



Carla, aka Bride of Frankenstein, will you take Anthony to be your husband to live together in marriage.  Do you promise to love him comfort him, honor and keep him

For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health and forsake all others.  Will be faithful only unto him so long as you both shall live?



May I have the rings please:

Frankie, please take her hand and repeat after me:

I give you this ring as a token of my love and devotion to you.


Carla, please take his hand and repeat after me:

I give you this ring as a token of my love and devotion to you.


May the flame of  love shine throughout your lives

May it be a fire of your courage and reassurance in the darkness   May you find warmth and safety when it is cold 

Let not your flame of love ever go for surely you will loose one another.  For as of today you no longer are individual flames of love, but combined spirits that burn brightly in the night.  Your hearts and now joined as one, one in mind body and soul.  


In so much as you have pledged your love, and devotion and have exchanged your rings


It gives me great pleasure in pronouncing you both Husband and Wife.

You may kiss your bride


Ladies and Gentlemen:

 I give to you Mr. and Mrs. Mollon