This example is one of our most popular wedding vows used by many of our couples.
It incorperates the standard religious vows you would typically hear at a wedding along with the
Blessing of Hands, Candle Lighting, and the Sand Ceremony at the end.  In total this
service runs about 45 mins long from the time the bride hits the door till the couple exits.
I've left the names in place so you could see how it's done and get a feel for what's said.
If you wish to modify it for your service feel free to copy and paste it to a word file and
tinker with it as you like remember this is your wedding, and your vows so you can modify
them in any way you like.  For more examples of weddings we've done Click Here

Welcome ladies and gentleman please be seatedÖ

Tonight is a very special night, as Ashley and John stand before us
and will be taking their first steps on a new journey together in life as man and wife. 

They have asked all of you to be present here today
to celebrate this moment in time with them.

Each of you have played a significant role in their lives
and they couldnít have gotten this far in life if it were not
for influences that each of you have played in their individual lives.


At this time, they would like to remember and honor the memories
of both their fathers who could not be here with us in the flesh
but are here in spirit watching over this union today
as they sit with the angles and our Lord and Savior
watching from above. 

May their love reach down to you both
and touch your hearts forever.


At this time, Will the mothers of the bride and groom
please light the candles.
We light these candles today
in remembrance of

Richard Thomas and Tyrone Pierce  

Ashley and John you have come here today
to pledge your love before God
and before your families and your friends. 


In becoming husband and wife you give yourselves to each other for life.
You promise to be true and faithful, to support and cherish each other
until death, so that your years together will be the living out in love
the pledge you now make.


May your love for each other reflect the enduring love of Christ. 
As you face the future together, keep in mind that the sacrament
of marriage unites you with Christ, and brings you, through the years,
the grace and blessing of God our Father in heaven.


Marriage is from God: he alone can give you the happiness
which goes beyond human expectation, and which grows
deeper through the difficulties and struggles of life.


 Put your trust in God as you set out together in life. 
May he bestow his blessings on you both,
and may your home be filled by his grace and love
as you make your journey down this new path together.


 In this you will leave to your children a heritage more lasting
than temporal wealth.  The Christian home makes Christ and
his Church present in the world of everyday life.
May all who enter your home find there the presence of the Lord:
for he has said: "Where two or more are gathered in my name,
there am I in the midst of them also


Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father, we ask your blessing this day for this couple
who now stands before us on this their wedding day. 
Bless them Father, and this union.


 Father, Make their home, a home that is full of laughter, and joy
as they now join together to create this new family together. 
Bless these your children Lord, and send your angels to continually
watch over them.    
  In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost we pray Ė Amen.

Marriage is a promise that is made in the hearts of two people who truly love one another.
Itís more than just the signatures on a document and words being said that make it legal.
Itís the spirit of love that goes far beyond that piece of paper called a marriage license.
Itís the love that you share with your soul mate and your partner. 

For marriage is a gift given to us from God, blessed by God and created by God. 
Itís a gift that keeps on giving if you both give to it.


When we promise to love one another for a life time, itís a promise that is sealed in Heaven
and recorded into the book of life.  A true marriage can stand the test of time
and weather any storm that comes along.


  For at the end of the storm, there is always a beautiful rainbow to remind us of Godís promise and blessings.  Those blessings that he will share with us if we truly believe in him and in his word,  That even after death we will be reunited in spirit and live together thru eternity as husband and wife.


 So I must remind you both of the seriousness of this relationship that you are about to enter into today. It takes special people who can learn to love each other as God loves us, and forgive each other as God has forgives us. 


That being said, are you both ready to accept this life long challenge to live and to love together as husband and wife


Who gives this woman to this man in marriage?  WE DO
Who gives this man to this woman in marriage?  WE DO
Family and friends do you also give you support and love to this couple? WE DO

At this time, will you both now take your individual candles and light them
from the flames of the candles before you.

The unity candle represents the trinity in a marriage. 
The Father who is the head of our house hold, and husband and wife.
As you see, you are two seperate flames, two individual lives.

When we light the unity candle, we are inviting our father into our home so that
we are no longer 2 seperate lives, but one life together being guided by our
fathers light and love as a family and his church here on earth.

Will you now light the center candle.
Having lit the candle, I ask that you blow out your individual candles now.
For as of this moment, you are no longer seperate lives, but united in spirit.
Guided by the light of Heaven above.
Let us pray:
Father, we give you honor and glory in this ceremony as you've shown us
that we are all a part of your church here on earth.  You've shown us the
compassion and love by your death and resurection on the cross. Abide
in the hearts of those present here today and touch them as only you can
This we pray in your name amen.

Blessing of hands


At this time, will you both turn and face each other and hold hands. 
As I read to you the Blessing of the Hands as written by a mother for her daughter on her wedding day.

Ashley, and John

These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and full of love for you that are holding yours on your wedding day as you promise to love each other today tomorrow and forever.


These are the hands that will work along side yours as together you build your future.


These are the hands that will love you and cherish you through the years and with the slightest touch comfort you like no other.


These are the hands that will hold you when fear or grief fill you mind.  These are the hands that will countless times wipe the tears from your eyes tears of sorrow, and tears of joy.


These are the hands that will give you strength when you are weak, encouragement when you canít go on and love when you need it the most.


Yes these are the hands that even when wrinkled and aged with time will still be reaching for yours still giving you the same unspoken tenderness that they are right now with just a simple touch.  For these are the hands of love.  May you never forget the feeling from these hands.


Let us pray,
Heavenly father watch over this couple,
give them the love that comes souly from you
and your spirit and remind them Lord that thru you
all things are possible in your name we pray amen.




John, repeat after me sir

Ashley, I thank God for bringing you into my life

I choose you this day to be my wife

My love and my best friend

I commit myself to you

Openly exclusively and eternally

I promise you my unconditional love

I give you my unwavering trust

And I will share my life with you

All the days of my life


And Ashley will you repeat after me please

John I accept you as the one

God has chosen for me

I join with you now

To share all that life may bring us

I will be yours

Through weakness and strength

Through sorrow and joy

Through failure and in triumph

I give my love to you and you alone

With all my heart and soul Now and forever more.


John, once again sir, repeat after me.

I John take you Ashley to be my wife

To have and to hold from this day forward

For better or for worse

For richer or for poorer

In sickness and in health

To love and to cherish

From this day forward

Until death do us part


And Ashley repeat after me please:
I Ashley take you John to be my husband

To have and to hold from this day forward

For better or for worse

For richer or for poorer

In sickness and in health

To love and to cherish

From this day forward

Until death do us part.


Today is the beginning of an exciting new life for the two of you. 
God blessed your desires when he brought you together. 
He knew exactly what you both needed to make you complete and whole.  
Commit yourselves now before God and those present to ever accept
each other as the one God has chosen for you.


May we have the rings please

The ring is a symbol of the unbroken circle of love
for love is freely given and freely received.

 Itís origins date back to the time of kings and Queens
as the ring was the seal of authority on any document. 


Todayís rings are a token of the seal and covenant
that you both have just made to one another before god
and these witnesses this evening.


May these rings always be a loving reminder
of the ties that now bind your hearts together
forever as husband and wife.


John, repeat after me please

Ashley as I place this ring on your finger

May it always remind you of my love

And my it always remind me

Of the precious treasure I have in you

Wear this ring with joy

For your love has made me complete



John, as I place this ring on your finger

May it always remind you of my love

And my it always remind me

Of the precious treasure I have in you

Wear this ring with joy

For your love has made me complete




At this time, will you now move to the table at the side of the alter.


 Ashley, and John,

You both have just sealed your relationship, by the giving of your rings,
and through your promises and vows to love one another.


This covenant is a relationship pledge between two people
who truly  agree that they will commit themselves to one another
through out their lives as one.  Itís the start of a partnership for life. 


To demonstrate the uniqueness of your love for one another
we celebrate with you both your new relationship through
the pouring of these two individual containers of sand
on the table before you now.


One container representing you Ashley
and all that you were, all that you are and all that you will ever be,

and the other represents you John
all that you were, all that you are and all that you will ever be as well.


AS these two containers of sand are poured into the third container,
the individual containers of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one. 
Just as your lives have been joined here today, no longer will you be separate individuals.


And just as these grains of sand can never be separated
and poured back into the individual containers
so to will your marriage be always blended by your love
for after today, you can never return to the same person
you were before we started. For there will always be
one little spec of sand in your heart to remind you of today
and the love you both share with one another.


At this time, will you both carefully pour your sand one into the otherís stream
thus blending and mixing your lives together forever.


May this container always serve as a reminder of that special love
you hold in your hearts for one another.
And the special words each of you have spoken here today.


John, and Ashley,
you have both heard the words of love and of marriage
youíve exchanged your rings, and blended your lives together as one,  
one in heart,  one in body and one in soul.

At this time, I want you both to look around the room
and savor this moment together. 
These are the faces of your loved ones, and your family and of your friends
who have come to celebrate this day with you. 


Today, you both start on a new journey in life
It will be filled with ups and downs, good days and bad,
but youíll be walking that path hand and hand
arm in arm and never alone again.
Cherrish this moment together
as I say these words to you both now


By the power vested in me
through the church and the state ofMichigan


I now pronounce you as Husband and Wife


Sir you may now kiss your bride with passion


Ladies and Gentlemen:

I give to you for the very first time


Ashley and John Pierce