Below are samples of the closing prayers and benidictions.

So far you should have the following items in your vows now.

Greetings (welcome msg)
Opening Prayer
Thank You to your family,
Special Readings or Songs
Extras such as Candles, Sand, Roses ect.
Charge to the couple
Consent Statement
And Other Extras you wanted
Now let us wrap this up real quick.

Closing Blessing for the couple:

1. May your lives be filled with wisdom, blessed with good health and abundant miracles.

2. ___ & ____ We wish for you all the love in the world, a love that brings out the best in you both as you bring out the best in each other. One that gives ou something to lean on when you need it the most in the days to come. And one that allows you to see each other as you really are, reminding you why you're together now and for ever more as husband & wife.

3. May you be blessed and sustained as you venture through the uncharted and challenging times that every relationship experiences. May you find with in yourselves all that you need to nurture your marriage together. May you continue to grow closer together with a love that grows deeper and richer with each passing day.

4. Remember that your love is the basis for this marriage, desire nothing else fear nothing else and allow your love to blossom into what love was ment to be. Allow for space in your time together, give each other room to grow. Love one another and allow that love to be a source of strength which feeds your soul

5. May your love be one based on freedom "For though our hands may touch, it's our hearts that hold When you hold love with in your heart, you radiate a light of love which shall brighten all the days of your life and beyond. Everything we truly love becomes a part of us forever. So take your time with each other. Let your love grow and mature with the seasons to provide you with warmth serentity joy and acceptance throughout all the years of your marriage Love is not a wall it's a bridge love does not confine it sets you free It leads as a pathway winding to places unknown With love to light the way you can meet any challenge together.

6. Go into the world together and fulfil your dreams. Love support and help one another as you grow. Seek out oppertunities to be good to eachother May the seeds of your love now planted in your marriage continue to grow. May your life together be as a pebble dropped in a pond an example of love and unity spread outward to your family your friends and to the world.

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