The 'Charge to the couple' is the section proceeding the consent generally and follows after the welcome message.
It's a word or two directed to the couple that talk about what is means to be married and some hints for a lasting marriage.
In most wedding books, you'll see this as the explanation of marriage.  It's a time where the pastor or officiant can share some insite on a loving marriage with the couple one on one.  It also explains the true nature of a marriage, and covenant of marriage made before man and God.  This helps both the couple and the listener to understand and reconize the seriousness of this ceremony. The reason why it's to be treated with reverance and respect and not to be taken lightly.

Below are just a few examples you may want to include in your own vows.
You'll see some of these used in our vows on this site as well.

____&______ as you stand here in the presence of God and these witnesses I remind you that love, loyalty and
trust are the basis of a mature and fullfiling relationship.

Marriage is a serious undertaking; it is intended to bind your hear hearts and lives together forever and is not to be taken lightly.
Your engagement set into motion the interweaving of your lives and we hope that you will continue to grow closer throughout
your years together.

None of us knows what the future will bring you both.  Yet your love for one another, and trust in the strength of your
union makes possible the act of faith you are making today and will be reflected through out your life together.   As you
both say your promises and vows to one another today,those in the audiance will be saying them to one another
and renewing their love for a life time with the one they love the most who is here with them today as well.
Your vows,and promises will start you on your journey for life together, know in your heart that our love and support go with you today.
We are all here in support of you,your marriage,and your future together as husband and wife.
Let those here who are married remember their own promises that we too once said to our loved ones when we took our vows.
May this day be a joyous day for all as we renew the spirit of love here today.

This is a new beginning for the both of you and I'd like to offer some gentle reminders to ease your life-long task of living and growning together.
Be kind to each other.
And, when you disagreee,do it respectfully.
Be gentle and forgiving with each other.
When you forgive,your hearts make room for a little more love,
a little more understanding and a little more compassion for one another.

Communicate with each other.
Share the joy that's in your heart and the sorrow that burdens your soul.
Open your hearts to each other and find the love you both share today each and every day.
If you do this through out your marriage, you'll find and know peace in your home
and it will be forever filled with love.