Bride_________________ and Groom______________
Are both of you ready to give yourself to each other as husband and wife? 
YES we are.

Bride_________________ and Groom______________
Are you now ready to accept this challenge together?
Yes we are.

Bride_________________ and Groom______________ Do you come here today of you own free will to be united in marriage today? We do This is used alot and you may want to add it in as well. SUPPORT OF FAMILY and from your FRIENDS Who now stands with this woman to symbolize their love and support in this marriage? Brides Parents say, We do And who stands with this man to symbolize their support and love to this marriage? Grooms Parents say, We do Friends and Family, do you also stand in accord with this couple today?  If so please say we do. Friends say We do At this point many couples add one of the following to their services Candle lighting The sand Ceremony The Rose Ceremony Blessing of the hands Special Readings Remember it is your wedding, if you wish to add some time to it feel free to look at the above links for ideas. Continue now to the Opening Prayer