The Pronouncement In the presence of God, and your friends and family you have both pledged your love and devotion to one another here today. You have exchanged your rings, as a symbol of your love you have shared your love and your vows this day with us. In a few moments your lives will be officially one, one in spirit and one in heart . As you both look deeply into each others eyes savor this moment together. Now Look around you at your family and at all of your friends who have gathered here to be with you on this joyous occasion. Enjoy this moment together as you see just how far you have come to get to this place in your lives. For today your journey has taken on a new direction that of husband and wife. So Take a deep breath and savor the sweet taste of this day together, as I say these wonderful words that you both have been dying to hear for so long. By the powers granted me through the church and by the state of Michigan.. I take great pleasure today in pronouncing you both Husband and Wife. Sir you may now kiss your bride for the very first time as husband and wife. Ladies and Gentlemen: I give to you for the very first time Mr. and Mrs._______________________________________

And there you have it!! A wedding to be proud of done your way! Congratultions! Now be sure to read it out loud and watch the clock for time. Be sure to pause when some is repeating a line or have someone say it with you as you read. You want to make this as close to the real thing as you can so you know just how long it will take. Allow at least 5 mins to 7 mins for your bridal party to make their way to the alter so be sure to add that too. On average it only takes about 5 mins to clear everyone off the alter and then the family is dismissed. We suggest that you meet and greet guests at their tables as this is the saves time, and allows you more time for photos also. Again, let us say congratulations and we are glad to of service.