Open your word doc program, and copy the area you like the best to it.
Be sure to save when done. You may see some spelling and grammer errors
feel free to fix them once you have it saved.

This is generally done prior to service start by most pastors. 
Your guests have all been seated and are awaiting the arrival of the wedding party and the family to be seated. Greetings everyone and welcome, my name is Pastor ________. I will be officiating the service today. At this time,if you have a cell phone, will you please turn them off or put them on vibrate for the ceremony. We will be starting shortly. For those who have cameras, and want to take pictures, feel free to do so but please remain seated during the service. Thank you. If there's a delay in service start time, I make the announcement at this time also. We are currently awaiting on a few family members to arrive. Our bride and the wedding party are finishing up their group photos with the photographer and will be in place in just a few minutes. Thank you for your patience. BRIDAL PARTY ENTERS, BRIDE IS ESCORTED IN, AND THE HAND OFF IS MADE AND TAKES POSITION AT THE ALTER Welcome: COPY THE ONE YOU LIKE TO A WORD DOC FILE 1. Family and friends, we wish to welcome you today to witness the marriage of Bride_____________ and Groom_____________________ 2. Family and friends, we welcome you today to witness the marriage of Bride____________________ and Groom________________ You have all shared and contributed to their lives in the past, and by witnessing their marriage ceremony today, Bride____________________ and Groom________________ ask that you share in their future. Todays ceremony has been written not by me but by both our Bride________________ and Groom ______________ 3. I want welcome the Friends and Family of the Bride and groom today, and thank you for being here on this very important day. We are gathered together to celebrate the very special love that is shared between Bride________________ and Groom _______________ 4. We welcome you here today to witness the marriage of Bride________________ and Groom ___________ As friends and family of Bride________________ and Groom ___________, they have touched our lives in many special ways.  Today we gather here, to share in their joy and celebrate in the commitment of their love. May you both see the love you share truly is a gift from God. It is our prayer that your hearts be molded together this day with God's seal of Approval. May your marriage be such that all will know that you not only have a deep and abiding love for each other, but for God as well. 5. Welcome, on behalf of Bride________________ and Groom ___________ I would like to thank all of you for being here to share in this special day. This moment in time is truly a cause for joyous celebration for we are gathered here to witness not only the beginning of a new marriage, but also the beginning of a new family. Today Bride________________ and Groom ___________ will not only be united in marriage, but [her/his] children ______________ and _______________ will be entering together also to make this a brand new family. So this is a very special day for all the members of this wonderful family. Continue to the WELCOME MESSAGE click here